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Job Description

Summer Lab Internship

The Summer Lab Internship Program at Quest Diagnostics offers students the opportunity to gain experience in the clinical and toxicology laboratory environments while working at the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, services, and information that patients and doctors rely on to make better healthcare decisions. Summer Lab Interns work with whole laboratory specimens to perform a wide range of tests ranging from simple to complex, applying a combination of manual lab procedures/ techniques and state-of-the-art instruments.  Interns will also have the opportunity to apply their background and skills gained in education to various process improvement projects.

The intern’s laboratory experience may include exposure in one or more of the following areas:

Department Name Experience Gained
Special Chemistry -  Special Chemistry will focus on Special Protein analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, immunosuppressive drug monitoring and heavy metal testing.  Quest uses state of the art equipment to perform protein electrophoresis and heavy metal testing.  Interns will gain exposure to how protein patterns are applied to determine disease states.  

Hematology - Hematology will provide exposure to complete blood counts, coagulation testing, urinalysis and blood banking.  Quest applies the latest technology to complete blood count testing, automated differentials, coagulation testing and ABO Rh testing.  Interns will gain exposure to using microscopes to perform manual body fluid counts and reviewing blood smears for various disease states and leukemia’s. 

Microbiology - Microbiology will familiarize interns with clinical bacteriology, including culture methods, microscopy, EIA, automated identification and susceptibility systems such as the Vitek II, Vitek Mass Spectrometry Maldi-tof, Microscan, and Bactec systems. Skills gained in this department include processing various specimen types using sterile technique, following safety protocols, and staining smears.

Molecular Diagnostics - Through Molecular Diagnostics, inters will learn various techniques to amplify RNA and DNA; TMA, RT-PCR, and direct hybridization.  Time will be spent learning about unidirectional workflow and the need for dedicated equipment and aseptic techniques.

Immunology/ Serology - In Immunology / Serology, interns will focus on learning about infectious diseases and their diagnosis. Interns are exposed to a variety of methodologies such as ELISA, chemiluminescence, flocculation, IFA, Western Blot and DFA, and antigen/antibody binding reactions.   Interns will also learn about limitations and interferences of these methodologies.

Toxicology -  Toxicology focuses on learning the principles and basics of forensic drug testing, including chain of custody.  Interns will gain an understanding of the life of a specimen as it travels throughout the forensic drug testing processes and equipment. Equipment used includes CV2000 automated aliquotter; Beckman AU 5800 automated chemistry analyzers; J57 4 point refractometer; Agilent GC/MS; Agilent GC-MS/MS; Ab Sciex LC-MS/MS; Shimadzu GC/HS and the Tecan aliquotter.

Program Eligibility & Qualifications:
To be eligible to participate in the Summer Lab Internship Program, students must meet the following qualifications by the start date of the program:
Completed Junior Year in a four-year baccalaureate program in medical laboratory science, chemistry, human biology, microbiology, molecular biology, molecular genetics or another human biomedical science-related field
A minimum of 90 credit hours from an accredited institution with a 3.0 or better overall GPA
Credit hours completed must include:
15 Hours of Biology
15 Hours of Chemistry
3 or more hours in Math

Required documentation to upload when applying:
Cover Letter, including the reason for applying and what the candidate is expecting to learn from the internship
Transcripts from Registrar's office
A Reference Letter from a college professor

Job Requirements